Replacement and return policy

  • Products can be returned within (3) days only, with the original invoice
  • The Products can be retrieved within (24) hours from the date of receipt, the original invoice is required, except for the return of the invoices issued during the period of seasonal offers and discounts.
  • The products must be in good condition and completely clean upon replacement or return with the original invoice.
  • In the event that there is a manufacturing defect in the goods during the warranty period, they will be replaced according to the policy within a maximum period of (48) hours
  • The amount of (150) riyals is deducted delivery fees if the invoice is cancelled after the baptism and the delivery date is set by the customer

Warranty does not cover misuse:

            (Fracture, cutting, fluid spillage, outer fabric)

  • All products of the company are subject to warranty according to the terms of the brand, knowing that a consumption value will be calculated for each product and the original invoice is required with the customer.
  • Bills can be reserved for a period of (90) days only from the date of purchase and can be extended for one time, with a maximum period of (15 days). After that, a reservation money amount of 5% of the total bill value for each month of delay is calculated.
  • The customer has no right to return or replace any of the electrical appliances, unless there is a factory defect, and it can be returned within 24 hours if it is not installed and in the original packaging.
  • The customer has the right to change or cancel the reservation of non-received goods within a maximum period of (15) days and to recover the amount paid.
  • In the event of a refund, the amount is deposited to the customer within 7 working days, and the process of returning the amount is done by bank transfer exclusively on the customer’s account and we have no cash back.

All Replacement & Return Policies Provided Does Not Effect Your Legal Rights.